Rossitto Virginie

Rossitto Virginie

Contemporary abstract art artist from Belgium

Contemporary abstract art artist from Belgium

In my evolution as a painter in Belgium, I have gone from naturalist and expressionist adventures to abstract art language. I realized that here I could express my feelings and emotions in the strongest and most explicit way. The diversity of association of color, harmony and composition is one way to express myself.

Constant lighting conditions and the availability of all the necessary tools around me are the basic starting points for my projects. I like to work in a calm environment, with music and singing while painting. Focusing on my idea of painting, I encounter a process whereby control of creation and direction is taken over by my emotions as I move towards this abstract art.

I am interested in the supernatural and vibrational, especially the energetic vibrational and how to elevate it. This is why I practice Reiki, where I have been able to reach level 2. One of my artistic goals is therefore to increase the positive energy of a room through my paintings. I enjoy taking inspiration from a specific room, its colors and what it radiates to incorporate the perfect canvas, as if my art could speak to the environment by releasing the emotions I put into it.

The decoration of a room gives a different atmosphere and energies, as well as luminosity. Some of my paintings adapt to it by reacting to black light, UV lights will make you discover a second painting, like a reincarnation in the night.

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Virginie portrait - the belgian abstract art painter, Virginie Rossitto


🖌️  Are you looking for a hand-painted work of art to give an artistic touch to your decoration while raising the energetic vibration of your room positively, to please yourself or to offer an original gift to your loved ones? Contact me, my original works are available, I also produce personalized requests according to your room or your desires.


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